It is an amazing thought that pouring your favourite wine into a glass gives a new function and a new life to both the bottle and the glass. This is what happens in Balatonszemes, where the glass waste from Kistücsök restaurant is turned into dessert plates, as well as in the Csetvei cellar in Mór where the empty bottles pass on to become jewellery.

Both projects are owned by ÜVEG/HÁZ and glass designer Luca Kohut-Görömbei. The exhibition presents two parallel but closely linked design projects in action. The focus on both occasions is on the reuse of glass waste, but from completely different design perspectives. In the case of a restaurant set, which is actively used in everyday life, numerous ergonomic and practical criteria have to be met, while jewellery design has a completely different purpose. At the Kistücsök restaurant, a number of ÜVEG/HÁZ products are used on a daily basis. As a new task, Luca Kohut-Görömbei started designing a dessert set with the special idea of reusing the restaurant's own glass waste and exploiting the optical qualities of glass in a restaurant environment. The set consists of seven to ten pieces from dinner plate to ice cream bowl.

The years of cooperation between ÜVEG/HÁZ and Csetvei cellar yielded a collection of jewellery. Over the years, the objects have become unique promotional accessories for the winery, offering a complete range from small items to complex ceremonial pieces. The exhibition at the ÜVEG/HÁZ will follow the journey of the material from its original state to the new products. In addition to the different design attitudes of the two live design projects, the exhibition also presents the different ways and potentials of working glass. While the restaurant set focuses on blown glass, the jewellery is made by means of a process of fusing and polishing. Some of the objects are available for purchase or pre-ordering.