The name of the exhibition is coined from the Greek words utopia and polis. The former translates as “no-place”, while the latter denotes a community where the inhabitants of an urban settlement lived under their own leadership, laws and rules.

Utopolis is a place you cannot head for, only arrive at, and where no roads or coordinates lead. In this alternative reality, all challenges have been met, arbitrarily erected walls have tumbled down, and unnecessary constraints and obligations have ceased. This is an idealised paradise of an imagined social, political and cultural system where, although the community is far from homogeneous, equality prevails.

The project will hold a mirror up to our misaligned world through an online typography exhibition, with the help of creative professionals. The objective is to create an idealistic scenario that can serve as an alternative action plan and encourages community building and collaboration in pursuit of the common good. The exhibition shows what it would be like to destroy the existing ideas and instead provide ample space, time and opportunity for all. The exhibition is made up of static and moving images, gifs and animations, created by invited typographers and graphic designers. There is no restriction on the choice of visual expression, the artists are only required to include a reference to the theme of the exhibition.

The works will be available on Balka's website and social media platforms.