The programme "In a new guise" is the brainchild of active designers from the National Fashion League Hungary Association and the Fashion Revolution Hungary team.

The project involves the audience in the planning of the programme, which will start a week before Budapest Design Week, in the form of a vote. Accordingly, the decision on what challenge the designers will face and what task they will have to actively complete in their own workshops is in the hands of the audience.

Between 1 and 7 October, the National Fashion League Hungary Association and Fashion Revolution Hungary's social media platforms will be open to the public to vote for the theme on which designers should come up with a design during Budapest Design Week.

Concepts to choose from:

– Hungarian highwayman style – displaying folk costume motifs on the finished work, in the spirit of tradition

– New life of a piece of clothing (a coat, trousers, etc.) – transforming a worn garment into another product in the spirit of recycling and sustainability

– Picturesque image – a work inspired by the work of a Hungarian painter

The voting will be closed on 7 October by the Fashion Revolution Hungary and National Fashion League Hungary Association teams, and the results will be announced on the opening day of Budapest Design Week on 8 October. Participating designers will have to prepare their designs and figure out the implementation in terms of the technique and materials during the event; also, they will have to report twice on the current progress via the social media platforms of one or both of the organisers.

The finished concepts will be presented at the end of Budapest Design Week, where each designer will be allotted 30 minutes to present their concept.

Designers will have the opportunity to implement their designs during the post-festival period, which will be presented to the public in December in an online exhibition.