The complete rebranding and redesign of Royal Vodka, Hungary’s market-leader vodka brand, a brand firmly steeped in tradition.

Although the ownership of the brand has changed on several occasions during the last decades, its brand image has long been a credit to the work and professionalism of native designers. Royal’s brand and bottle design was last revised in 2008, making a new redesign timely.

After years of planning, preparation and development starting in 2018, the products showcasing the new design have arrived to the stores this year. The presentation guides our visitors through each step of the complete design process from the first conceptual ideas through modelling to the final products.

The event is co-organized by KREA and VISART, since our mutual heads of the graphic studies departments, Attila Simon and Zsolt Kathi played a key role in both the 2008 and the 2018 rebranding process respectively. The event is hosted online (Zoom), open to registered guests only.