First phase: 10.00-12.40

1) International design trends in furniture (10.15-11.00)

Michael Thomas, Sales Manager and Janina Keller, representing KRONOSPAN, the world's largest wallboard group and the international design agency IMPRESS GmbH, gives an insight into current and upcoming trends in furniture design in an English-language presentation. (A simultaneous interpreter will be provided on site).

2) The furniture of the future, the future of furniture (11.05-11:50)

Péter Rabb, Assistant Professor at the Department of Architectural History and Monuments of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, sheds light on the trends in functional furniture design and interior design that will dominate the coming years.

3) Presenting the 2020-2021 Kronospan collection (11.50-12.10)

István Sass, Sales Ambassador/Brand and Product Manager of FALCO Zrt. reveals the KRONOSPAN 2020-2021 collection.

4) Handcrafting in mass production (12.15-12.40)

Balázs Csercsics, Commercial Director of Csercsics Faipari Kft., gives a presentation on the unique manufacturing potential of mass production/on the unique advantages and opportunities of handcrafting that are overshadowed in the world of mass production.

Second phase: 12.40-16.00

1) Courses about furniture design (12.45-13.00)

A representative of FALCO Zrt. gives an overview of furniture design training in Hungary.

2) The structure and services of the University of Sopron (13.05-13.35)

György Török, Sales Manager of the University of Sopron, introduces the organisation and services of the aforementioned institution.

3) Competition and cooperation in design (13.40-14.25)

Prof. Dr. József Zalavári, lecturer of the Cziráki József Doctoral School of Wood Science and Technologies at the University of Sopron, talks about the challenges of product design and the duality of industry competition and cooperation.

4) The structure and services of the Corporate Relations and Innovation Centre of the University of Sopron (14.30-14.55)

György Török, Head of Sales at the University of Sopron, presents the activities and organisation of the University's Corporate Relations and Innovation Centre.