There are some items in everyone's wardrobe that are no longer of any use - yet we do not want to or cannot part with them because they bring back fond memories or are important to us for some reason. Most of the time they only take up space in our homes, even if we think we should do something with them every time we look at them.

Under the guidance of jewellery designer Erzsébet Deliné Pőcze, a piece of those pleasant memories can be revived and worn forever - in the form of jewellery! While recalling the memories preserved by the garments, the participants will also transform the material they bring with them through joint discussion, storytelling and sharing. It may seem unusual, and it is certainly hard to imagine what this workshop will look like in practice, but it is guaranteed to be the most exciting creative self-discovery experience there is! No prior sewing or jewellery making skills are required for participation, just bring a keepsake garment, and the necessary tools will be provided by the organisers.