The past year has shown us how easily we can be limited in our freedom by any external factor, how isolated and vulnerable we are as individuals. And this mental state has directed our attention to the power of cooperation, but also to alternative forms of creation.

Our perspective, the expression of our thoughts, the importance of creation and interaction have been attached a significantly higher value, seeing that a sudden reduction of impulses experienced when being locked in our own world is unbearable in the long run. We now seek to make way for this dormant desire to create and interact, in order to create a specific and definitely unique product through special collaboration.

MaxCity is a cluster of bustling mini-markets with their own identities, filled with the best works of world-renowned designers. But here, the design is ready-made, because somewhere, someone has already created the perfect one. This time, however, the venue is inviting visitors to an exciting experiment during Budapest Design Week: the collaborative construction of a forward-looking installation called Rising Grid – The Collab Cube.

MaxCity's team will create an inspiring creative space with artists, using progressive shapes, colours and lights to lay the foundation stone of a space that will be built over the course of ten days, and will be open to the public from 6pm on 8 October 2021 for the duration of Budapest Design Week, so that anyone can contribute to it using the tools available and thus become involved in the creation of a unique work of art.

To enhance the interplay between arts, the inspirational state will be enhanced by a musical backdrop of etudes written by local electronic musicians and DJs inspired by the initial installation, specifically for this purpose. In this way, the experiment will also explore how different musicians reflect on the same visual effect, using their own set of instruments.

This unusual experiment will be recorded on camera to document the whole process of co-creation.