Bracelets made from sewing pins, necklaces from old CDs, rings from plastic brushes. Patrícia Harsány creates her jewellery by reinterpreting ordinary objects she finds.

The conceptual Re_Object series explores the boundaries of jewellery design from a personal perspective, and offers a snappy critique of the culture of "always something new, always something better". The designer finds mass-produced products in her immediate environment, which she then refines through the design process. These are incorporated into the series as a kind of ready-made elements and determine not only the use of materials but also the technique. There is a childlike, naive approach to the world that allows us to see things for what we want them to be.

By disregarding the function of the objects, Patrícia Harsány reinterprets these common objects in the conceptual context of jewellery. She often breaks down existing structures and seeks new points of connections between originally unrelated elements, creating an aesthetic tension between familiarity and unfamiliarity.

(Ákos Schneider: Jewellery discoveries)