By 2021, social media has become the lifeblood of the applied creative, graphic design and advertising industries. This coordinate system serves not only as a framework for our colleagues' work, but also as a source of inspiration and the latest trends, and, also, it is what they rely on to reflect on the world.

Numerous international and Hungarian examples demonstrate the power inherent in a graphic designer's ability to shape attitudes and communities when he/she champions a topic that is important to him/her, and expresses his/her own opinion through drawing his/her pet project for fun, keeping it in the focus of attention.

At the (on-site and online) event, the organisers will be interviewing Hungarian and foreign graphic designers who, in addition to their "grinding job", are keen to use their talents to hold a mirror up to society through their personal channels. A philosophy of Kastner Kommunity is that every opinion counts and every cause is important.


Gábor Bakos, @arckiallitas
Eszter Magyar, @makeupbrutalism
Kitti Mayer, @hypeandhyper