Budapest Design Week 2021 will focus on the post-pandemic "brave new world", with designers playing a crucial role in shaping it.

The last decade has seen significant changes in the way we interact and shop, along with a shift towards local goods, an increased value attached to social connections and belonging, a transformation of our homes, entertainment, transport and workplaces, increased social awareness and a greater emphasis on sustainability at both corporate and individual levels.

These changes, albeit more or less noticeably, have all been present in our lives for a long time - the Covid epidemic in 2020 and the events of the following months have "merely" accelerated their spread, visibility and acceptance.

For years, these new aspects and values have inspired designers, whose youngest generation already absorbs the various aspects of sustainability, social sensitivity and social mobility in various senses as early as at school. They are well aware that the post-epidemic period offers an exceptional opportunity to make the future more centred on and scaled to people – we, on the other hand, are certain that designers will play a crucial role in this process.

Our central exhibition will give 30 young Hungarian designers under 30 an opportunity to present their work. We are looking for designers whose projects are all conceived in the spirit of the mentioned "new standards" and respond to the complex social and lifestyle challenges of the Western world, both current and future, in a wide variety of genres, disciplines, approaches and ways. The works on display included a number of marketable pieces, as well as bold, imaginative concepts ranging from clothing designed for those with disabilities to visions of futuristic refrigerators, unique water circulation systems and zero waste furniture designs.

Curated by: Judit Osvárt