A MNTS MSKNT a ruháinkhoz fűződő emlékek, történetek, személyes kötődések láthatóvá tételével, középpontba helyezésével invitál arra, hogy ruhatárunkat tudatosabban, nagyobb szeretettel és gondoskodással szemléljük.

MNTS MSKNT invites to approach our wardrobe more consciously and with more love by highlighting the personal attachment, emotions and stories hidden behind our clothes. The project settles on the boundary between art and service: the customers get their own, unworn yet treasured garments transformed and reshaped through deconstruction and reconstrucion.

The old garments will be combined with new materials, in order to adapt to the customers current identity and everyday habits. During Design Week Budapest, 5 participants get to collaborate with designer Vera Burany to give new life to one of their old treasures. The condition of registration is to send a photo of the garment they wish to transform and to share a relevant memory or emotion which explains why this garment has added value to them. The participants will be able to select from 3-4 original designs by Vera, and they will design together how their treasured garments will be incorporated into the designs. They will select the fabrics that will be added and they can modify the design to match their needs. The garments will be finished by the designer herself in the upcoming weeks after the workshop for each participant individually.

The workshop will be accompanied by an exhibition which will be open for 3 days. The II. chapter of the project (HEAL) will be presented in this space, focusing on remembering, healing and letting go through examining our memories carried by our clothes.