The pandemic situation has changed the spaces and opportunities of education. The online education brought about several difficulties along with opportunities. In the Art and Creative Industries Faculty of Budapest Metropolitan University the Art- and Design Management Institute launched a book series called METU THEORY and the second piece is introduced to the general public in an irregular way.

The book includes the edited version of those lectures which the students could read in the autumn semester of the academic year of 2020/21 under the title ‘Critical thinking and art’. The lecturer was Ádám Takács, a senior lecturer at ELTE. During the book launch we would like to show how developing a sense of history can contribute to the interpretation of art with the help of outstanding experts of contemporary art. Not only the unconventional birth of the book will be mentioned but the students will describe their experiences gained during the online education and the effect of the series of lectures as well as how it boosted their creative processes. Ferenc Tepes graphic designer, a lecturer of METU will be present, whose designed the book. Ádám Takács will join the programme online, from Canada. The moderator is Zsuzsanna Pörczi, the editor of the book.