The products and services showcased at the exhibition combine creativity and a business approach.

Visitors can learn of the stories of small brands that create functional objects with an optimistic outlook and an enthusiasm for Nature. Furthermore, they are made of locally available materials using innovative production procedures, utilizing progressive techniques based on local handicraft and sustainable production. The presented products and services combine creativity with a business vision. We’ve highlighted stories of small brands that express functionality, a passion for life and nature, innovative ways of using local materials, and new production methods based on regional craftsmanship and advanced sustainable production technologies.

The exhibition features a selection out of the 90 products that have received the “Made in Slovenia” mark of design excellence in the last two years. In many respects, the collection represents the efforts of the Centre for Creativity – which operates under the wing of the Museum of Architecture and Design – to connect, promote, support, and develop the cultural and creative sector in Slovenia, to facilitate collaboration with the business, science and education sectors. The exhibition is a promotional event organized in the framework of Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The showcased products foreshadow the vision of a new lifestyle where raw resources are no longer available in abundance, a different rationalization of production processes and human resources becomes inevitable. The future requires the creation of products for a generation of consumers desiring customized solutions. With their progressive technology, the products exhibited here speak of the manufacturers’ and designers’ love for Life and Nature.