Join the Vodafone team as they tell us about how life has changed for the company's design team over the past year, about the things that have surprised even them, how well their online solutions work and what they consider to call for personal presence.

They also talk about how this year has changed the way they work with their internal and external clients, and what they have done to maintain team cohesion. Who are they? Vodafone Design Lab was established two years ago, comprised of graphic design, service design, UX/UI design and UX writing professionals.

They have a customer-centric mindset at the heart of everything they do, enabling them to create solutions that address real needs, and, thanks to their agile approach, they listen to customer feedback and respond to it or change their solutions when necessary, in order to create the most value for their partners. Who are they expecting? Anyone who is interested in what the new norms are in the life of a design team, or who may be willing to share their own experiences.