The National Fashion Association (MDSZ) is preparing for Budapest Design Week 2021 with an exciting fashion design game to frame its main messages: timelessness and quality. As we are consciously attached to our traditions by a thousand strings, the association aims to preserve them unchanged and renew them in quality.

In conjunction with this, MDSZ is organising an exhibition entitled Ládafia - Our Vital Traditions at Vízivárosi Klub and is also launching an online community game on Facebook. The game invites participants to submit their own written and photographic content on three topics, which will be displayed in a virtual exhibition on the Association's community page.


1. Heirloom wardrobe – The clothes we want may be hiding in someone's closet or waiting to be altered. This group includes all dressing-related items that we cherish or we even wear after adapting an old piece to meet today's needs. The creative redesign game encourages all participants to embrace sustainability, a key message of the 21st century fashion trends.

2. Forgotten recipes – Or, gastronomy also has its own trends, often based on well-established traditions. Well thought-out food design and the enjoyment of flavours are at the same time a community-building, local and slow process.

3. A flat or a home? – Changes and variety in spaces and furniture arrangements as reflected by various generations. Everyone is sure to cherish objects, furniture, paintings, embroidered cushions, handicrafts, tablecloths that were used by their grandparents and are still an important part of their home today. What's gone, what's left and why?

A detailed description of the game will be available from 11 September 2021 in the open Facebook group "Ládafia – Éltető hagyományaink” [Our Vital Traditions].