The culture of the hand is the foundation of human well-being. Our physical and mental health depends on the dexterity, smartness and cleanliness of this particular body part. The Hand/Fast project will address these three topics during this year's Budapest Design Week.

But how? By building up a cult of proper handwashing! Washing your hands is a must, washing your hands is not a matter of choice. Children and adults wash their hands at home and at work, even when travelling. But what is not compulsory is to use extra electricity for hand drying or to accumulate hills of used paper towels.

What can we do about that? Get your hands on a soft and suitable piece of fabric, cut it, sew it, decorate it, and, most importantly, always take it with you!

Kézimunka Akadémia [Handicraft Academy] will be helping you to make high-quality hand towels during Budapest Design Week. You can learn how to make your own trendy hand towels, while practising sewing and decorating techniques only used in fashion salons.

Alongside the workshop, visitors can also test their handicraft skills in the handicraft escape room.

The programme is organised and implemented by Kézimunka Akadémia. Founded in 2019 by designers Orsolya Springer and Adrienne Körtvély, the aim of this community workshop is to strengthen the role of crafts in the 21st century and to develop their new tasks, taking into account the aspects of sustainability. The organisation works in three main areas, one is teaching couture, artistic decorative techniques, the second is redefining urban craft community workshops, and the third is developing small craft business skills. Their workshops have been featured in the Hungarian National Museum's exhibition of Klára Rothschild's oeuvre; they also participate as expert partners in the Little Black project of the Hungarian Heritage House, and were awarded a "good practice" designation in 2021 under the Crafts Code project of the Interreg Europe programme.