The last year or so, the pandemic and the lockdown period have left a deep mark on everyone. This may have affected our socialising, exercise and sleeping routines, changed our shopping and cooking habits, but it may also have taught us to plan and select consciously, may have created space for reading, watching films, trying out different arts, techniques and materials, and catching up on long-delayed things to do and learn.

So what new things has the pandemic brought for you? For the members of the KACs Workshop, the pandemic has raised even more awareness of the importance of taking care of the environment, which is why they continue working with recyclable materials, with a strong focus on sustainability. However, their daily routines have also been transformed, giving them knowledge and habits that they would like to share with others in the form of a workshop.

1. Pillowcase design

Altered sleeping habits, introduction of conscious rest time: pillowcase design using the heat press technique.

2. Re-creation – Be conscious in going outdoors!

Changing sporting and hiking habits: designing and making practical cutlery holders and picnic containers.

3. Clothes upcycling - Making T-shirt yarn and accessories with KACs Workshop

Changed dressing habits: yarn-making from old cotton clothes and T-shirts, and using it to crochet a selected utility item.