The creative proposal announced by the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME), JUMP TO THE FUTURE! the university addressed 7 to 10 graders, students, their teachers and the supporting adult staff within and outside the borders of Hungary to present the world of the future as they imagine it, design objects, applications, services!

There were more than 150 entries by teams and the 10 teams selected after the first round could develop their design further during the second round with the support of a MOME design student and a professor.

The winner of the contest was the ELEM group from the Eötvös József High School students who developed a product line, Hakuna Matata, in response to problems of sustainable school cuisine. They would make their their insect based food, drinks and sandwiches in reusable packaging available from vending machines. They not only designed the products but also the full chain of supply.

The second place was awarded to the VR – The Innovators, a team of four 10 grader students from the Miklós Radnóti High School who designed an AR application, Therapets that would serve to improve the life quality of those suffering from mental illnesses, for instance depression, anorexia nervosa or various addictions. By complementing the work of psychologists it would run on two devices, a headset and contact lenses and would not only monitor the state of the ill person but it would also interfere by playing therapeutic music or by influencing the senses.

The shared third place went to the Floatta team from the Imre Madách High School, whose Floating University design presented the “dream university” taking the protection of the ecosystem into account. According to their designed the innovative campus would be located at Csopak, by the Lake Balaton, in the Kerekedi bay. They planned all details from renewable energies, through transportation to the impact on the village economy.

The other third place went to Wiridi virtual game: the story takes place in a postapocalyptic environment and develops the topic of saving the Earth. In a surreal manner the gamer is swallowed up by a (carnivorous) plant and later, being united with the plant a new form of life is created. Can the new being, by searching out for other survivors, save nature, the Earth or becomes locked up in a glass house to continue its life there eternally? With the help of the app designed by the team of students named Small Goldfish attending the Art and Design Vocational High School, we can playfully reconsider coping strategies and solutions.