The first part of the programme will present useful services offered by the Budapest Public Foundation for Enterprise Development for fashion design and handicraft companies, focusing on the microcredit scheme that helps start-ups that do not qualify for bank loans, and the microcredit facility specifically designed for artisans will also be discussed.

The audience will also learn about the EU-funded Interreg Europe CRAFTS CODE project, which aims to encourage SMEs engaged in crafts to acquire business skills and go international. It also seeks to improve the competitiveness of SMEs in the handicraft sector by developing a framework to encourage policy learning and capacity building activities, and to improve the implementation of regional development programmes through the involvement of decision-makers and the demonstration of good international practices.

The second session in the programme, conducted in English, will showcase notable international (Italian, Irish, Finnish and Spanish) practices that support artisans, particularly applicable in the new post-Covid-19 world, as well as encouraging collaboration and helping artisans survive and make a living, which can be easily adapted also to the practices of integrators uniting artisans in Hungary.

The third part will be an online interactive networking session with speakers and other participants (from Hungary and abroad), providing the audience with personalised answers to their questions and an opportunity to develop future collaborations.