The series of events held at Szépművestár presents MintaKINCStár, a collection of playful activities, as well as product demonstrations and workshops by winner of the 2021 Gránátalma [Pomegranate] Award, Zsuzsanna Sevella.

How can children's visual culture be developed in a way that also encodes our ancient visual mother tongue? Can folk art forms be recycled so that they do not end up as discarded junk?

In her presentation promoting the MintaKINCStár collection of playful activities, developer of children's games Zsuzsanna Sevella will introduce to the audience and conscious parents the complex development programme she designed, then will demonstrate the MintaKINCStár programme in a professional discussion and will finally put it into practice in workshops by playing with children; the programme will be distributed over the span of three days.

The development of community social design product MintaKINCStár as a cultural sustainability and innovation project has been running continuously since 2015 with a professional background rooted in the pedagogy of play, developmental pedagogy and folk art. The design of playful activities represents social responsibility assumed: giving our children and grandchildren the chance to playfully acquire our visual folk art heritage as they grow up, so that also they have the opportunity to master this visual mother tongue.

While children are playing and creating with the help of a treasury of ancient forms offered by MintaKINCStár featuring modern graphic design, they are also becoming fluent in their visual mother tongue.


15.00–16.30 on Sunday, 10 October 2021: A short presentation of MintaKINCStár publications on activities and toy-making for interested visitors and conscious parents, with an activity centre provided to try out the games in the downtown venue of Háló Közösségi Tér near Astoria. Discounted shopping and a buffet will also be available.

Address: Háló Kulturális és Közösségi Központ–S4, 1052 Budapest, Semmelweis u. 4.

Activity centre tickets: HUF 700; for large families: HUF 500

A maximum of 15 kids allowed per session.


17.00–19.00 on Wednesday, 13 October 2021: A professional presentation of MintaKINCStár, a methodological discussion for kindergarten teachers, educators and professionals, with discounted shopping in Kéz-Mű-Hely located in Buda.

Hosted by: Katalin Beszprémy, retired head of repository for the Folk Art Methodological Workshop in the Hungarian Heritage House and curator of the folk art exhibition Hand | Craft | Art by National Salon in 2018 in Műcsarnok [Kunsthalle].

Address: Kéz-Mű-Hely, 1126 Budapest, Márvány utca 31.

A maximum of 12 participants allowed per session.


10.00–13.00 and 14.00–17.00 on Saturday, 16 October 2021: The central event of the Family Day of Szépművestár will be the implementation of MintaKINCStár's programme in practice. Children can take part in toy-making and creative workshops in rotation, using MintaKINCStár collection of games, while for older siblings, parents and grandparents, creative workshops inspired by MintaKINCStár will be organised with artists from the Open Workshop of Hungarian House of Traditions, who are regular guests at Budapest Design Week. Product demonstrations, discount shopping and a buffet will be available in Háló Közösségi Tér downtown, near Astoria.