No more humming of the textile mill machinery is heard in the former buildings of the Goldberger factory, which was in operation for more than 200 years, but creative-cultural actors fill the complex with life and valuable content, instead.

Design showrooms, photo-TV-film-video productions, architectural studios, art galleries, cosmetics brands and culinary shops carry on the creative spirit of Leó Goldberger.

Budapest Design Week is an excellent opportunity for creative businesses operating in various blocks of the old factory building bordered by four streets to present their diverse portfolios to the general public and to take the time and space to connect with each other as the "heirs" of the former factory workers, the new Goldberger collective.

Each night: Goldberger House Party

The old factory district, in the soft embrace of a pre-fabricated high-rise housing estate, offers an exciting urban and sociological situation: inviting and welcoming the occupants of the block, and designing community experiences may also intensely demonstrate the connectedness of generations, the local power of the neighbourhood, and the new work-life rhythm.

The project is realized in partnership with the Municipality of Óbuda-Békásmegyer, based on the concept of Super Channel design agency.