The Maker's Red Box programme is aimed at educators, professionals and the audience who are interested in how to make learning about climate change and global warming an integral part of education, and how to use design thinking to empower children to become active shapers of the future of our planet Earth.

The innovative educational development workshop uses the methods of creative pedagogy to develop story-based teaching materials for children, relying on both digital technologies and creativity tools. Global warming has been chosen as the next curriculum theme, with the aim of addressing fears about the issue and showing possible ways of taking individual and social responsibility. The Global Warming curriculum provides children with playful activities to help them explore digital technologies such as 3D design and printing, laser cutting and programming, while understanding and grasping the complexities of climate change. They perform measurements, draw up designs, conduct debates and research, all of which prepare them for a more sustainable way of life.

Workshop participants can design and print their own coral to illustrate the effects of ocean acidification, and also learn about the potential of microelectronics for data visualisation, or what a laser cutter can do. The programme will conclude with a discussion (which can also be held online) with the experts who were invited to help develop the curriculum: geographer and university lecturer Balázs Nagy and human ecologist Attila Varga. The discussion, which will also review the results of the workshop, will show how to use object creation and design thinking methods to address the topic of global warming in a school context.

Participation in the workshop is subject to prior registration, the maximum number of participants is 12.

The discussion after the workshop is open to all those interested.