Special jewellery, lovable concepts, instant love! Gizella Zsófia Biró's jewellery carries very personal stories. Beyond the aestheticizing nature of jewellery design, she as a creator is concerned with the special connection that binds us to our favourite piece of jewellery, our watch.

What makes Zsófi's works so exciting is that the stories she tells could easily be about us; it is easy to identify with their meaning. Her most recent works address questions of self-awareness: am I able to be more accepting of myself? Am I honest? Am I making good choices? The answers are articulated in her jewellery in a way that reveals the artist's pondering through their symbolism. She usually presents her jewellery series at exhibitions, which explains why is it out of the ordinary for her to organise a pop-up event at Budapest Design Week this year, where you can meet her in person. The Gizella Biró Jewellery pop-up exhibition and fair is open all weekend. Over these two days, the creator will be giving us a selection of her cherished items from her most intriguing jewellery designs. She will showcase some of her favourite pieces from the past years and tell the story of these special creations in person. Silver, matte, rustic, shiny and recycled jewellery will all be available for purchase on 16-17 October at the Leanzer Newcraft studio. If you're looking to buy something really special for your loved one, or just adore narrative design, make sure to stop by!