Through WEALL's 2021 FOLD capsule collection, the webinar will explore the phenomenon of hybrid fashion, as well as the slow fashion brand's design and production strategy with socialisation as its project focus.

Today, environmental protection and sustainability have become a societal demand and a minimum requirement for designers in their design practices. As interest in local design has grown, so has designer activism. This 60-minute awareness-based webinar and project is an attempt to develop a fresh, micro-level approach to contemporary consumption and socialise it as good practice.

Designer Dóra Balogh aims to show the reasons for the difference from the classic market model and the designer's objectives through her all-seasons 2021 FOLD collection. The presentation will focus on the possibilities of hybrid fashion, circular design, no-waste and service-based design strategies by explaining the production processes of the capsule collection.

The lecture is closely linked to the designer's PhD research in fashion theory at the University of Debrecen through sustainable fashion, attitude formation and participation.