A unique combination of creation and staying mentally well – in a single programme. The organisers believe that there is a creative artist in everyone, only waiting to be discovered and embraced; to bring out that creative self, they have chosen a coaching technique that helps us discover ourselves – and others.

The recent times of the pandemic situation have brought changes in many areas, affecting individual mental well-being and human relationships. The aim of the "Understanding each other(?)" programme is for participants to have fun and gain experiences while testing the effectiveness of their communication in a playful and creative way with their fellow participants.

What about the method? Creating! This is how the game works: the arriving couple will receive a box with all the equipment they need for their creations. Each will get a postcard, which they are not allowed to show each other. On the postcard, they will see a hand-painted creation by Anita Csorba. The first player will sit down with his/her back to the second player, who will start talking about the picture on the postcard – this is what the first player will be drawing. The difficulty of the game is that the first player must be completely silent throughout the process of creation, and cannot ask questions back – so he/she completely depends on the other player and his/her communication.

After the drawing is completed, they will swap places and both of them will experience the other role. At the end of the game, they show each other both the completed and the original pictures - this is when they find out how effective their communication is and whether they understand each other's words without being able to ask questions. At this point, the attending helpers can also join in – with questions and comments to contribute to the learning points.

In the experience of the organisers, this method contributes greatly to effective communication, and participants can unnoticeably become creators as they make their own painting themselves inspired by the other person. They will also learn about the mindfulness side of creation: focusing on the image and the words of the other person will help them be in the present and live it to the maximum.

The shared adventure will certainly be remembered by the participants, but the creators of the programme will also help them keep it in mind: on the postcard they have drawn, the players will write how they felt, and address it to their partner. The organisers will post the postcards the week after the event – a nice reminder to receive a few days later.

The game provides insights into the effectiveness of communication between the partners, identifies the strengths and weaknesses of communication and lessons to be learned, which will improve communication and strengthen the relationship through a shared programme and through memories preserved through the postcard.

The players have the chance to participate in the creative process, which does not require any artistic skills, so everyone will definitely leave the venue with a sense of achievement.