What makes a wine tasting event unique and authentic, and what makes it a completely different experience on an online platform? Why is it unimaginable that a salesperson from a shop could run after you to warn you that you have left a product in your shopping basket, saying “are you sure you don't want to buy it”?

Several times in the past year, we have found ourselves in a situation where we have had to think about how to substitute our habits (how to shop when our favourite shop is not open, or how to make up for a concert experience in the absence of concerts). However, the answer to what the equivalent of a given experience is in a different situation or in a different (e.g. digital) context, is not at all evident. What if you were sitting in a restaurant and the waiter kept you informed of every step of the cooking process? Or what if Grandma could hand over the utility bills to her grandchildren online? What would live scrolling on Facebook look like? Fontira invites visitors to design experiences around these and similar themes, using inspiring trends, examples and behaviours to guide them through the design process. With a wide range of design tools, it will be an opportunity to consider the small factors that determine our online and offline experiences, and what we call authentic moments, in addition to how "mirror translation" between the two channels is (not) possible.