Professionals often use art as a tool in coaching, i.e. conversations that help people achieve their individual goals. Erzsi Deliné Pőcze's idea to include her own jewellery in the process was inspired by her clients, as she has been working as a business and life coach and trainer for almost two years now, in addition to designing jewellery.

She uses colourful jewellery, rich in shapes and stories, to access and rewire deeper meanings, connections and memories that are harder to express verbally, as well as recurring patterns, in the same way as many of her colleagues use picture cards or Lego cubes. But how does such a session take place? At the beginning of the mindfulness conversation, the client chooses one of the jewellery items on the table, which is then used to explain the topic and take a journey in mind.

Participants will only see jewellery made by Erzsi herself, who uses specific materials and techniques for each piece, so that the finished accessories, similarly to a work of art, visually inspire, provoke thoughts, engage the imagination and evoke emotions. Subsequently, there is also a possibility for the participants to buy the jewellery or to create it together.