Creative agency and trend office The Trendmuse Agency offers four different fashion-themed presentations to the audience.

Reflecting on Budapest Design Week's slogan "New Standards", they will present designers and fashion themes that have fundamentally changed fashion today, and will explore possible new future trends in the fashion industry.

The first presentation is about French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, who burst onto the fashion scene in the late 1970s and turned it upside down. Alongside his often humorous, often avant-garde collections, he is credited with many iconic garments; his exceptional couture styling skills not only made him world-famous, but also completely transformed the way we think about fashion today.

The career of Yves Saint-Laurent is the subject of the second presentation. The French fashion designer championed gender equality, revolutionised the way women looked, and created some of the most iconic silhouettes that still influence fashion today.

The presentation Women's Backs in Fashion focuses on the backs of clothes through the Paris fashion exhibition Back Side. The back is the one part of our body that we cannot touch, that we can never really see, and that is considered to be "exposed to" others' touch and gaze. Fashion, however, is constantly playing with the back of clothes, and the show will showcase this body part through the work of great designers such as Givenchy, Yamamoto, McQueen, La Roche, Jean-Paul Gaultier and many others.

New Standards - The Future of Fashion will explore solutions to the current crisis in the fashion industry and present a wide range of future trends that are already unfolding today. The issues of sustainability, artificial intelligence, the rise of social media, biotextiles and other innovations and technological developments in the textile industry will paint an exciting picture of the future of fashion.