Following last year's great interest, Vandor Studio is once again offering a glimpse into the world of handmade dobby woven home textiles.

Once again, visitors will be allowed to pull the cord at the loom, but this time not only can they try their hand at weaving, but they can also create!

Participants will be invited in the studio to fly the shuttle of the loom called "Jacq", a curiosity equipped with an automatic takeup roll and punched cards, and to weave their own decorative cushion covers during the workshop. Two identical 44×44 cm cushions are made in one session, and one or two people can work on them (only one person can weave at a time, but even two can participate in the work on the textile).

The materials and tools for making the cushion cover are provided by the studio, where a wide range of colours are offered to visitors. At the end of the programme, the finished fabrics will be cut, steamed, and sewn, after which the cushion is stuffed with high quality filling, ready to be taken home.