Two twenty-something girls, Panni and Dodó, hit on the same idea in the autumn of 2019: to sew their own low-waste shopping bags to replace the plastic ones you see everywhere.

Dodó had just started sewing and Panni had wanted to try pattern design for a long time. In less than two weeks, they put the brand together, procured the sewing machines and placed their first order for the unique fabric that would make their products iconic. And of course, they also came up with their motto, "Stop plastic!". The idea is not unique, as (luckily) more and more people are making eco-bags, but Panni and her partner like to have a story behind their carry sacks, so they give them a personality and make them in a pretty cheerful mood. Since the beginning, bread bags, pen holders, reusable napkins, backpacks and re-shirts have formed part of their collection.

During Budapest Design Week, Panni will talk about the business from a designer-cum-graphic designer perspective and Dodó from a photographer-cum-videographer-operator perspective. How to implement your off-the-cuff ideas? How to combine sustainability and design to create a better future? How to start a business while having children and going to university? Can you run a brand as friends? These are the questions they seek to answer as they tell their stories, share their experiences, and hope to boost the motivation and confidence of those who have not yet plucked up the courage to do what they were keen to do.