Agota Jonas (industrial design, biomimicry, instructor, Academy of Art University) will use colorful slides in this presentation to share biomimicry’s 26 life’s principles that nature has been tenaciously utilizing for 3.8 billion years.

Life’s principles can be applied in designing and they will be indispensable in a regenerative, circular economy.
This presentation will go over the 26 life’s principles, will bring side-by-side examples of nature, and of human design that use these same principles. „Adapting to changing conditions” for example can be found in nature but a vehicle can also adapt to changes on the road, if the design of the car makes it possible for the driver to navigate from dry road to mud.

The slide show will bring stories of new and successful designs that follow life’s principles in some way and will show simple techniques that can be used anytime and anywhere in our design work. The audience will gain an insight on why it is crucial to learn from nature as opposed to about nature if our goal is to leave a better and safer world to future generations.