What will a dining table of the future look like? What will it hold? Who will eat the food? Angéla Góg's research and experiments have always followed a single direction.

Slowly, her ultimate goal emerged: to discover how memory works, to understand people's taste memories and the reasons for their attachment to certain foods. To explore what drives and modifies our food culture and how we can preserve it. The result of her PhD research is a food that preserves the past for future generations, while reflecting on the challenges of the present.

The exhibition aims to create a complex experience to show, taste and expand the message intended for the future. Besides the table of the future, we can also look at her work of the past five years, following the whole process of how Angéla has proceeded from memories of the past to the food of the future.

During the exhibition, a “Pastry Shop of Memories” will also open on Saturdays, bringing back the flavours of our childhood. And on Sundays, she sets the table for "Sunday Lunch" so that strangers sitting around it can become acquaintances. The documentation of the dinner series "Memories of the Future" will be presented to the public for the first time at the exhibition, where the participants' messages for the next generation will be on display.

One exhibition – five years of research – four projects presented.