During the online presentation we can gain an insight into the work and thoughts of the designer Csilla Szilágyi.

She talks about her experience gained during her professional trips abroad, her encounters with the main representatives of international glass art trends, and the processes that are current in her career. It can provide inspiration for artists, art collectors, galleries and art historians alike, and at the same time puts Hungarian contemporary glass art aspirations into context.

Csilla Szilágyi graduated from the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts in 2006 with a degree in glass design. After graduating, she worked for Ajka Kristály as a factory designer. In the last 15 years, she has deepened in the technology of glass processing and concrete casting. She has visited and worked at several glass art venues around the world, exhibiting in many countries, creating light installations, crystal glass objects, and glass-concrete sculptures. She is currently working on a large glass-concrete window.

The perspective of the performance starts from a distance, mapping the currents in glass art. Narrowing the circle, it's presenting the example of the artist, and finally showing the performer's own microcosm in more detail, focusing on work in her current studio, the Budakalász Studio.