Where does abstraction based on the dance of colors and materials come from, and what direction is it taking in the 21st century?

In Artibus 365 Design space you can find the original abstract masters evoking the era of the 20th century interior, which is now recreated with the help of young Hungarian artists of the style as we reinterpret. Thought the gesture painting by Áron Baráth playing in transparent vibrant colors and Júlia Végh's created the dreamlike floating landscapes as the relief - like pictorial world of materials and Bea Kusovszky 's geometric compositions are all the experiments of our first abstract masters of the ‘50s and ’60s bring to life an unmistakable contemporary with visuality. The installation of the exhibition is completed by new organic compositions by Dárius Gwizdala, the exhibition creating a novel inspiration for the audience in its artistic atmosphere.