”Reuse what you can, do not cover or paint anything just to look nice!” – is said by the founder architects of Bánáti + Hartvig Architecture Office. They renovated their new office building, the former Albe Regia restaurant, this spirit, based on the guidelines of the architectural cycle.

After the renovation the revealed surfaces remained untreated: the concrete beams aren’t covered, the raw brick walls aren’t painted. Several demolished building materials were integrated again into the building – even as a different function. This way less new building material was necessary.

The external doors and windows didn’t fulfill the requirements of energy efficient insulation, therefore they needed to be changed. However, the glazed portals made of steel structure were in good condition, therefore they were reused as dividing walls at the meeting rooms in the basement. Same happened to the glass bricks which were taken out from the walls of the upper floor, they also serve as dividing walls of the meeting rooms.

As a result of several professional consultations, some old radiators could be saved as well, this way these can operate again in the cold months. This gesture not only bases on the aspects of sustainable architecture, but enables us to look into the building’s history, and creates also characteristical aesthetics.