How is a home textile item made, from the idea to the finished product? How does a design product get to the point where it rolls off the loom and becomes a commodity?

This time, a live stream from Vandor Studio will show you how a design is transformed into a weavable textile. In the live stream, textile designer and applied artist Krisztina Vándor will talk about the creative process and the mysteries of weaving. The various phases of design are explored through a collection (of kitchen towels and bread bags) produced in Hungary, which debuts during Budapest Design Week.

The textiles are made relying on local production, durable product design and premium-quality materials. For the talk, the studio is able to host 4-5 applicants in person who agree to appear in the video during the time of the streaming.

At the end of the programme, the new textile collection presented will be available for purchase in eco-friendly packaging (or without it) in the shop or via the online shop.