The primary goal of the design DIALOG programme series, implemented within the framework of 360 Design Budapest, is to provide a forum for those interested in the design industry, where they can get up-to-date design-related information.

In the “Then vs Now – Design through generations” design DIALOG roundtable discussion, designers representing different generations speak about their own industry-related experiences. The speakers discuss the different factors helping or holding back each generation, as well as the ever-changing social and economic circumstances.

The main topics of the round table discussion:

  • Differences between generations

  • Historical overview of the Hungarian design industry

  • Local and global design sensitivity

  • Current projects, previous recognitions and future objectives of the speakers

Round table participants:

  • Sára Kele – Red Dot Award-winning designer

  • Gergely Hosszú – CEO, Co & Co Designcommunication Kft.

  • Péter Kelemen, András Kelemen -Red Dot Award-winning designers

  • Tamás Árkossy – Timber Industry Engineer, CEO, Árkossy Bútor

  • Moderator: Brigitta M. Kocsis – journalist, presenter

The event is free of charge, however, participation is subject to registration through the following link.

The event can host a maximum of 50 people.

Participants at the event are obliged to comply with the current pandemic restrictions.