V. Texhibition exhibition

2020. 12. 03. 19:16 News

Present both in the town centre of Szentendre and on Bartók Béla út in Budapest, Palmetta Design is has been working for decades to popularise Hungarian design. Their latest initiative undertakes to showcase the objects created in 2020, a year ever so significant and unforgettable in a lot of ways, through new works by young Hungarian designers.

The fifth Texhibition exhibition is set to be launched at 20:00 on 11 December with an online vernissage, to be open for viewing in the spaces of FUGA Budapest Center of Architecture (V. Petőfi Sándor u. 5.).

Held for the fifth time this year, the exhibition aims to draw attention to an industry that previously played a leading role, i.e. the textile industry, along with its talented and active designers, as well as the creative opportunities offered by the industry. The exhibition showcases pieces created by textile designer artists from various generations and styles in the form of prototypes requiring the participation also of numerous Hungarian businesses for their development. Given the tradition of Texhibition exhibition presenting works by international designers besides Hungarians, this year visitors can view works by Swiss textile artist living in Paris and known for her machine-knitted haute couture textiles and outfits Cécile Feilchenfeldt, as well as textiles implemented by Lénárd Kft. after the designs of two textile designers recently graduated from the Textile Department of the Academy of Fine Art and Design (VSVU) in Bratislava, Klára Věntusová and Petra Zelisková.

Guest exhibitors:
Cécile Feilchenfeldt (CH)
Klára Věntusová (SK)
Petra Zelisková (SK)

Viola Balázs
Réka Csíkszentmihályi
Evelin Horváth
Ágnes Kollár
Réka Molnár
Gabriella V. Lőrincz
Emília Pájer
Anna Regős
Andrea Ruttka
Eszter Söptei
Szilvia Szigeti
Szilvia Vereczkey
Márta Vető

The exhibition is available to visit until 10 January, subject to preliminary registration. The exhibition is part of the series of exhibitions Design without borders.

For more information, opening hours and registration information, please visit the exhibition’s Facebook page.