News from Loffice

2020. 11. 16. 14:30 News

Loffice has launched a new, unique combination of services. The venue of the announcement press conference of Budapest Design Week updated its services with flexible and cost-effective solutions – reacting in real time to the pandemic situation, curfew restrictions, and current home office vs. central office problems.

In Loffice's new unit at Salétrom Street, office rental is now fully customizable: the service fee consists of a combination of several factors depending on the time period, the tasks related to the company, the number of people and the extra services we require. What is more, with the help of a special app we can even be notified immediately when our mail arrives (which we can even receive scanned!), but upon request a virtual customer service is also available. With the new Loffice packages, you can create the perfect balance between home office and work, while the usage-based pricing makes it easy to control the running costs of your new virtual office. For more information please consult Loffice's website!