New university design education in Győr

2021. 01. 14. 15:24 News

From September on, the Faculty of Arts at Széchenyi István University is also set to offer education to students interested in design

Young people keen on architecture, industrial design and graphic design now have the opportunity to choose Győr for their university studies on the subject: starting from September, the Faculty of Arts at Széchenyi István University will welcome students interested in design. The departments boast experts with years or decades of experience in the teaching of arts and engineering, as well as designers and theoretical experts of international fame, and sets an objective to launch a progressive new design school in Győr. The city of Győr, which counts as a major regional centre already, is expected to keep on increasing its role in the region’s innovation, cultural and art scene due to this expansion into creative industry higher education, whereas the University will contribute numerous active international connections to the process.

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