360 Design online exhibition prolonged

2020. 12. 17. 15:14 News

Owing to the high interest, the availability period of 360 Design Budapest online exhibition showcasing contemporary design objects has been prolonged. Besides taking a thrilling round tour in design, the audience may gain a more in-depth grasp of the concepts underlying the event and the designers’ ideas through an online tour of the exhibition.

For the first time this October, the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency launched its 360 Design Budapest exhibition, which presented the incomparable world of design permeating our days. Unique pieces of furniture, lamps, ceramics, cotton fabrics with metal threads, and textile products awaited visitors, a part of which were inspired by the concept of sustainability, but serial production items of artistic finish also abounded. With its raw industrial walls, the building accommodating the exhibition accentuated the uniqueness of the objects even further. Division of the hall into various sections of space resulted in suitable representation of extraordinary perspectives and aspects, and the design objects verging on works of fine art and brightening our daily lives were granted special attention.

Those missing the event may view the great works of contemporary design over the Internet, given that 360-degree panorama and 3D images have been recorded of each object presented on the premises to make them available to the audience anywhere and at any time.

Also, those interested in Hungarian design may remain seated on their respective couches and view amazing products by Adamlamp, Codolagni, Error n’more, Hannabi, Sára Kele, KOMONKA, Ábel Lakatos, LumoConcept, Ádám Miklósi, Oleant, Paper Up, Planbureau, Plydesign, Position Collective, RAWfiction, Anna Regős, Sixay, Socowoo, Studio Nomad and Fanni Ungár, and gather inspiration for decorating their own flats. Compared to a physical exhibition, the platform holds a novelty feature in the form of objects by four international talents – Master & Master from the Czech Republic, Crafting Plastic! from Slovakia, Phormy from Poland, and Anna Horváth working on Malta – presented on the website besides works by Hungarian designers, consequently exhibiting not only the world of contemporary design but also the cultural richness of Europe’s design industry for the audience.

Owing to the digital exhibition, the general audience may meet the showcased design products and their underlying stories also from the creators’ aspect: by selecting the icons next to the objects, they may find out through images, videos and articles what constitutes the essence of the given product, and they may even buy the selected items as, thanks to the website, they can easily find the designers’ online shops. The platform was originally planned to be available until the end of year; however, its availability was prolonged due to the high interest. The audience may even participate in a videoed tour of the exhibition at the Agency’s official platforms, where they may find out about the historical traditions and milestones of the Hungarian design industry, among others, and may also gain an understanding of the Hungarian designers’ aspects that make the products unique in the market. The online exhibition is available here.