"We are able to support health workers fighting for our lives" – Interview with Ádám Miklósi

2021. 06. 28. 10:23 Design Világnap

Budapest Design Week opens a one-day pop-up exhibition entitled Diversity to mark World Industrial Design Day on 29 June. The exhibition at The Studio of Young Artists' Association will showcase products and collections that aim to promote social sensitization. In this context, we talked to one of the exhibiting designers, Adam Miklósi, the creator of Simple Face Shield.

Please describe your product displayed at the exhibition in a few words.

The exhibition features the Simple Face Shield, created to promote the open-source design approach in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

What gave you the idea and how did you turn towards the subject?

The idea was inspired by the lack of protective equipment (masks, face shields, disinfectants) experienced in connection with the pandemic. Dozens of designers and makers around the world have come together to help health workers with simple, even locally producible alternatives, and I wanted to join in with the face shield.

What are the prospects for the product when it enters to the market? Where is this process at?

The product's production documentation is available free of charge on the Wikifactory database. The face shield was therefore not commercialised, as I wanted to make it available for anyone to download, while its production was covered from donations. Otherwise, around 10,000 face shields have been produced worldwide so far, including by makers, enthusiastic creatives – and health workers.

To what extent do you think Simple Face Shield can sensitise society?

The humanitarian design triggered by the pandemic has helped not only in protecting us but also in showing that we can work together to support health workers who are fighting for our lives. So my answer is yes, the face shield may have played a role in sensitizing society.

What do you think about the social and economic role of design and its impact on boosting the economy? How are you as a designer involved in this?

I believe that good and authentic design makes a product likeable and thus strengthens the relationship between the user and the brand, which can of course be measured on an economic level.

What are your next steps and plans for the product?

I hope that after the Covid-19 pandemic, it will not be needed for a long time. [laughs]

The Simple Face Shield will be on display at the pop-up exhibition at FISE on the World Industrial Design Day on 29 June.