IP for all

2020. 12. 01. 19:18 News

The Hungarian Intellectual Property Office has launched an easy-to-use, practical and user-friendly free website

In the lifetime of an enterprise, the question of whether it is worth registering trademarks for a brand name, logo or a complete product identity may arise at multiple points. What can you register as trademarks, what can you use a patent for, what is copyright and what on earth is intellectual property at all? The latest highly user-friendly new website of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office helps visitors see clearly in these questions.

The website www.ipmindenkinek.hu seeks to provide the most possible useful information on the above topics in an easy-to-understand form with brief descriptions, online publications and videos. The website address IP (i.e. ’Intellectual Property’) for all – but what is ’intellectual property’? The notion covers legal protection of inventions, trademarks, design and art works – proper protection can prevent your work to be used by others without a permission. IP rights include patents, copyrights, trademarks and design patterns, i.e. the design itself; moreover, other confidential data can be protected in the form of trade secrets.

The Hungarian Intellectual Property Office’s new website is for all who seek to know more about intellectual property rights: secondary school students interested in the world of start-up businesses; university students attracted to technical innovations; law students who intend to gain deeper knowledge of intellectual property; entrepreneurs aspiring for success with their brands; and everyone else who has never heard of intellectual property.

More information: www.ipmindenkinek.hu