Design in business 1.0: free online training for SMEs

2021. 01. 04. 14:51 News

The COVID19 pandemic forces businesses to reconsider and reorganise their proven working methods and processes. Change is an inevitable process in most sectors, whether it involves business communication, digitization or the quality of products and services provided by SMEs.

Today, design and design thinking and creative innovation provide efficient tools for problem solving, for the renewal of businesses for increasing the success of products and services, for developing user-friendly solutions and user experiences, besides customizing digital technologies. Their use represents significant added value and competitive edge for SMEs in the local, global and offline marketplace.

MOME’s five-week core competency training for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises provides them support in respect of their renewal and keeping up their competitiveness. Our online course encourages entrepreneurs towards design-based business development through presenting case studies and practical aid. The complete 15-hour course material suitable for a flexible schedule is available from anywhere at any time. Completion of the interconnected thematic blocks conducted by teachers at MOME provides participants with a comprehensive view of the added value offered by design and user-centred business development.

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