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Budapest Design Map kedvenc: PaUZa

Zoli és Évi, a PaUZa márka alapítói lelassulásra és az élet szép pillanatainak kiélvezésére invitálják vásárlóikat. Néhány éve ők is megtapasztalták az általuk hirdetett életformát – 2016-ban megváltak korábbi munkahelyüktől…
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Within CO&CO – CIRCULAR DESIGN THINKING IN PRACTICE, a series of presentations, discussions and interviews will be held in the second part of Budapest Design Week, which demonstrates circular thinking…
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Design Without Borders

Launched fifteen years ago, this independent exhibition and arts event series has become one of the most important of its kind in the region. It now presents the works of…
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Durability as environmental awareness

In the framework of a virtual roundtable discussion, we can get to know the mentality and production technologies of the Danish furniture manufacturer.
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How Digitisation Helps Compost Become Fresh Vegetables?

How does digitization help make compost fresh vegetables? The organizers would like to discuss the issue as part of an online workshop, where they will take the steps of an…
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Acquaint yourself with this solar-powered paving system produced from waste as a result of Hungarian development!
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Waste management as the first step of the manufacturing process – please meet innovative Hungarian composite materials manufacturer Meshlin Composites Zrt.!
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What does the world’s largest food company do for sustainability and for a circular economy? Find out from our brand new video!
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Why is a circular economy similar to a modernised village farm? You can discover watching Budapest Design Week’s new video!
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Effective cleaners that do not harm the environment and are even recycled – this is Cycle Bio. Explore the company and their products!
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Two hundred thousand tons of waste is produced by the furniture industry each year – but what is there to do with it? You will know if you watch the…
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Folprint Zöldnyomda offers solutions to its customers in terms of labels, printed forms and other printed products with a minimised carbon footprint. Please meet them!
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KONYAMALAC - Zero Waste kitchen

Konyhamalac (Food Waste Grinder) – The concept of the Zero Waste kitchen, dreamed up by Anikó Rácz, the designer of Hannabi, which helps to create a circular mini-farm at home…
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One man’s waste is another man’s resource

The objects and spaces that surround us change very quickly. But where do they go? Is it possible to give a second life to our used clothes in the construction…
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Thinwood mini-showroom

The internationally recognized Hungarian eyeglass frame brand Thinwood opens its unique mini showroom.
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On the occasion of Budapest Design Week, artist Árpád Forgó and NUBU will create a joint exhibition, which will present the connecting points of the individual garments with the artist's…
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WAMP Design Fair

WAMP design fair has been representing high-quality design products for more than 10 years, providing more than a thousand domestic and foreign designers with appearances not only in Hungary but…
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What Does Sustainable Service Mean?

The aim of the organizers' online workshop is to design a sustainable service along the process of research / insight collection - brainstorming - concept finalization - prototyping - testing…