10.5. Webinar

Design and Circularity

How can designers contribute to a transformation of businesses and organizations that are not based on the linearity of make-use-dispose? Can designers be strategic about prioritizing systems awareness over user…
10.3. Graphic Design, Animation, Photo, Media Design, Textile, Fashion, Jewellery, Lecture, discussion, Product launch, Webinar

Glorious afterlife: paper, textile, silver, leather

Roundtable discussion on circular upcycling with Rododendron Art&Design Shop’s sustainability-championing creators.
10.8. Architecture, Interior Design, Webinar

Interior design in practice

Grid team is preparing for Budapest Design Week with an hour-long conversation, during which the topic of interior design will be examined from the perspective of an interior designer and…
10.5. COVID-19 vs. design, Webinar

Start Up Guide Live

A "live" version of the highly successful online publication of the Hungarian Design Council, with great and useful presentations.
10.8. UX Design, Webinar

UX during Coronavirus

A workshop where we can find a common solution to a problem perceived during quarantine. The focus is on sustainability and shocking the everyday mindset, while Cheppers members point out…