Product launch

10.10-31, 11.1-15. Join the Circle!, Architecture, Interior Design, Ceramics, Porcelain, Glass, Design, Social Design, Textile, Fashion, Jewellery, Zero Waste, Exhibition, Fairs and other events, Lecture, discussion, Product launch

Design Without Borders

Launched fifteen years ago, this independent exhibition and arts event series has become one of the most important of its kind in the region. It now presents the works of…
10.3. Graphic Design, Animation, Photo, Media Design, Textile, Fashion, Jewellery, Lecture, discussion, Product launch, Webinar

Glorious afterlife: paper, textile, silver, leather

Roundtable discussion on circular upcycling with Rododendron Art&Design Shop’s sustainability-championing creators.
10.6-31, 11.1-29. Graphic Design, Animation, Photo, Media Design, Textile, Fashion, Jewellery, Exhibition, Product launch

Hikers Tale

Cooperation between Ykra and Piros Studio in the Fiók ceiling gallery.
10.1, 2. Join the Circle!, Design, Zero Waste, Product launch

KONYAMALAC - Zero Waste kitchen

Konyhamalac (Food Waste Grinder) – The concept of the Zero Waste kitchen, dreamed up by Anikó Rácz, the designer of Hannabi, which helps to create a circular mini-farm at home…
10.1-11. Textile, Fashion, Jewellery, Lecture, discussion, Product launch

Mile-Tóth Judit's Unique Jewellery

The jewelry designer presents his studio through a report film during Budapest Design Week. How is a piece of jewelry born and what inspires it? In the video, she illustrates…
10.1-11. Join the Circle!, Design, Product launch, Showroom visit

Thinwood mini-showroom

The internationally recognized Hungarian eyeglass frame brand Thinwood opens its unique mini showroom.
10.6-10. Textile, Fashion, Jewellery, Product launch


Az eddigi fankapanka kollekciókban pólóra vetődtek és hímzőkeretbe ugrottak az átdiszkózott éjszakák kedvenc frázisai. De mi van akkor, ha bezárnak a diszkók, és egyszeriben minden egy világméretű járványról szól? Mi…