Joint exhibition of artist Árpád Forgó and NUBU

10.1-11. Join the Circle!, Textile, Fashion, Jewellery, Exhibition

On the occasion of Budapest Design Week, artist Árpád Forgó and NUBU will create a joint exhibition, which will present the connecting points of the individual garments with the artist's works.

NUBU's designers have been chosen to create the official uniforms of the Hungarian Olympic and Paralympic teams at the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The ZEN and Japanese aesthetics appearing in the Olympic collection have long been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for NUBU and this is also reflected in the new autumn-winter collection, which is characterized by a desire to find everyday zen. The collection also features Hungarian contemporary art references typical of the brand. The modular constructions and geometric basic forms of artist Árpád Forgó appear in the surface structure of the collection and in the cutting lines that appear in front and disappear in the cut lines. The brand always pays a lot of attention to the close connection between design and modeling, so NUBU pieces are always very wearable and innovative at the same time. Árpád Forgó's color palette, his different shades of green, iridescent and high-gloss paint on canvases also influenced the designers.

Designers are also using more and more innovative textiles this season, such as recycled mohair wool fur and recycled polyester – in the name of sustainability. Registration is necessary.