Thinwood mini-showroom

10.1-11. Join the Circle!, Design, Product launch, Showroom visit

The internationally recognized Hungarian eyeglass frame brand Thinwood opens its unique mini showroom.

Anyone who wears glasses knows exactly how many dilemmas and compromises there are in choosing the right glasses frame. It has to be comfortable, as it will be in front of our eyes for years to come, not to mention it has to fit in both shape and color. Thinwood frames meet these three basic yet difficult needs. The basic collection color range – which consists of 26 colors – has been expanded with custom frames in a catalog of more than 500 colors and patterns. Thinwood's frames are completely customizable as only sleek, modern shapes have been incorporated into the collection. An important consideration when designing is not to suppress facial features, but to complement and support the glasses. Timeless design characterizes the brand to be a topical addition years later. Thanks to the courage of the designer, Little Arnold, and years of experimentation, Thinwood frames became famous for their special material and customizability.

The frames are made of composite and high-tech materials that have already been tested in space technology, experimented with in the construction of Formula 1 cars and on devices made for lovers of extreme sports.

Protecting the environment is an important consideration when making Thinwood products. Raw materials only come from strictly controlled sustainable production and are plant-based and recyclable or degradable.