Temesi Apol

A visit to Apol Temesi’s workshop

10.1, 2. 15:00 Textile, Fashion, Jewellery

For those familiar with contemporary textile design, the name of Apol Temesi surely rings a bell. Recipient of the climate innovation award, among others, the designer invites the audience to visit her workshop and participate in an informal discussion.

Recycling and innovation are the two pillars of Apol Temesi’s works. The designer was interested in raw material development as early as at university, where she wanted to rework textile waste that is particularly harmful to our environment.

After years of research, she ended up choosing wool industry waste, which she utilises to create acoustic panels with the use of a brand new technique developed by her. In her workshop in Vak Bottyán utca, she presses, dyes and cuts pre-processed edge trimming waste sourced from a Hungarian factory. She was endowed a Moholy Grant in 2019 and a climate innovation award in 2020 for her products constructed from modules.

During Budapest Design Week, she speaks about her approach to raw materials, the lifecycle of the panels and her plans for the future. She will also go live via Zoom to complement the programme.